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Variety - Quality - Consistency
Fury cues come in a variety of styles with a wide price range. What stays consistent throughout the entire line is the hit and the quality. Whether you choose the beautifully inlaid combinations of the RP Series, the simple elegance of the overlay decorated LL Series, or the timeless classic design of the SP Series, you are assured that your cue is the result of the best materials, crafted with the most experieced craftsmen using the latest technology. In other words, every Fury cue is a player's cue and ready for action.

"it's not the arrow, it's the indian." We agree with the fact that no cue will turn a bad player into a good one, or even make a good one better. It is pretty much indisputable that all things being equal, the player with the best equipment has the advantage. That is why we focus so much on how Fury cues play. We can decorate them any way we want to but if they don't feel good then the player will always struggle. So we are happy to report that thousands of the world's best amateur players have told us that the Fury cue is one of the best "hitting" cues that they have ever hit balls with.

The Series


Perfect blend of craftsmanship and affordability for players of all skill levels.


Sharp points, exotic woods, and spliced butt construction define this series.


Features real Swarovski crystals.


Innovative inlays and spliced butt construction.

Stunning appearance and solid performance.

Collector class cues made in limited editions.


Extensions for Fury Cues!


Intricate inlays, spliced butt construction, and exotic woods

Fusion of classic and modern 4-Point and butterfly spliced cues.


The most popular Jump & Break cues on Earth.

John Schmidt Pro Player series featuring Mr. 400's favorite colors.

World Champion Kelly "Kwikfire" Fisher and Fury come together for a truly outstanding series of cues.

Fury unleashes laser-engraved designs.

Basic design and solid Fury construction.

Write your own Symphony on the pool table with these musically-themed designs.

Fury sets a new standard for performance and elegance with these simple but stunning natural wood pool cues.

Stunning inlays combined with overlays.


Traditional Asian designs with the classic Fury quality

Cutting edge inlayed designs using premium hardwoods and a variety of handle options.

Intricate inlays and the finest hardwoods.



Simply the finest woods combined with spliced butt construction for the traditionalist.

The new standard in Sneaky Petes.


Dare to be different!

Instant classics with intricate inlays in neo-traditional patterns.



Latest Pro Player series featuring Xiao Ting Pan.


That by which all other low- deflection shafts should be judged! BRAND NEW!

The finest overlays with a variety of styles and options.

For a list of retired Fury Cues, please click here.
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